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Laboratory workflow and data analytics

I tried Morphit, initially I thought why do I need anything other than Excel, but then I found I can do things in Morphit I could never do in excel...”

”This is everything a biologist needs in one place on my desktop”

”These templates are so flexible, I can vary plate formats and layouts, change controls and it still works. In XL I’d be back to square one!
— Morphit customers
Spreadsheets evolved…

Spreadsheets evolved…

Instructional videos

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Powerful data analytics

Morphit provides powerful features for reading, analysing and interacting with data. It contains all you need to read and analyze biological data from instruments and transform raw data into validated results.

  • Input data from a range of data sources including reader files, mass spectrometer output, fluorescence instruments using a configurable import definition tool that isolates you from instrument changes

  • Automatically apply statistics and summarization

  • Visualize data in interactive charts and graphs with knockout

  • Apply curve fitting



Morphit is a tool for scientists and contains advanced tools such as curve fitting, statistics and non-compartmental analysis for pharmacokinetics studies. Calculate PK parameters such as AUC, half life and many others, that normally require expensive dedicated software to determine.



Design publication quality report templates and generate standard documentation during your work. For example generate management reports such as Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for performance of services from BioRails PTO.

Analyze trends in turnaround time metrics

Analyze trends in turnaround time metrics

Review metrics in context of the range if values across time

Review metrics in context of the range if values across time