Improving efficiency and data handling in these disciplines

The Edge offer software products and services across the following disciplines:

Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics

BioRails is fast becoming the standard choice for pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and contract research organizations across the globe. One tool that covers the whole workflow.

  • Track requests for DMPK assay services
  • Schedule, Plan and Order materials for testing
  • Generate plate maps and Injection lists (batch files) for Mass Spectrometers
  • Read and analyze data, transforming into high quality results
  • Share results and generate study reports
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In vivo Pharmacology

Pharmacological studies require tools with a lot of flexibility, that can cope with the changes that are inherent in an in vivo study. Teams need to work together to achieve the study objectives:

  • Study Directors designing study protocols
  • In life scientists preparing study subjects, administering treatments and taking samples
  • Bioanalysts performing analysis of samples
  • Biostatisticians and PK Modellers elaborating results
  • Finally preparing reports and delivery to project teams
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From target discovery, through hit finding and lead optimization, BioRails offers support for plate-based screening. Whether HTS or lower throughput SAR assays, BioRails offers a single solution for all your biological data management.

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An important factor to efficiency in preclinical studies is effective access to details of formations used for treatments. BioRails PTO can be used to request formulators to create formulations for new drugs and monitor delivery. BioRails DM provides a flexible environment for exploring possible formulations and determining the optimum formulation for a study. Formulations can be registered as new materials using BioRails MT and tracked in studies for adverse effects.

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