BioRails PTO™

Project Tracking and Optimisation

Assay Requesting

Quickly create and launch new assay services, defining all the inputs that a requesting scientist needs to provide in order to define the assay they need for their project. Enter lists of compound batches, samples, antibodies and many other types of entity. Pick the services needed for the project in order to test your hypothesis for the drug or treatment. Submit and monitor progress, or wait for notification that your results are ready. Automate requests for new compounds as they are synthesized by project teams.

Make and track assay requests


As a service provider within the same organization, partner or CRO, receive a consolidated list of work requested from multiple teams each provided with full context and detail. Evaluate inventory stocks and order materials from stores for your assay (requires INV/BSP). Generate plate maps and sample lists for your experiment.

Monitor and manage demand


Define cascades of assays, arranged into tiers, each generating results which can be automatically evaluated using a Rule to promote compounds to the next tier of assays. Track and monitor progress, reducing cycle times and shortening the time to market.

Creating a Screening Cascade

Add your rules for progression

Monitor real-time metrics for performance

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