In vivo Pharmacology

Tracking Studies

Request studies providing details of the species, treatment and other details. Track and monitor outsourced work using BioRails PTO


Evaluate the demand for studies from project teams, triage requests and allocate scientist and animal resources to efficiently process requests.

Study Design

Define study designs, including details of:

  • Protocol design
  • Treatment groups
  • Treatment schedule
  • Sampling schedule
  • Bioanalysis
  • Elaboration and statistics
  • Study Reporting

Compile Study Reports

Coordinate information from CROs, in-house teams and Bioanalysis to store all your study data in one place. Capture observations and data files generated. Generate Study reports and inform project teams.

Used for a range of animal models such as:

  • CNS
  • Behavioural scoring
  • Animal locomotion
  • Diabetes
  • Body Weight analysis
  • Oncology
  • Xenograft/Tumour Volume

Xenograft or Tumour Volume study for Oncology

Many pharmacology studies challenge traditional software, changes in dimensions such as treatment group sizes, number & frequency of observations cause rigid inflexible software to fail. Either they demand excessive modification of templates or they simply are only useful for limited conditions. BioRails DM is different, providing flexible, parameterized, elastic templates in Morphit that adapt to changes in your study. This means templates are useful across large numbers of studies and typically have a much longer life span and are robust to change.

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