Bridging the gap

Our consultants and data scientists are specialists at bridging the gap between Science and IT.


Business Analysis

We specialize in bridging the gap between science and IT. This allows our consultants to quickly identify and focus on the business critical issues in your organization. By defining and documenting the key requirements for a solution, we can focus effort on those items that provide the best return on investment. Workshops help to minimize the time investment and maximize the improvements that targeted software solutions can make.


BioRails offers an unprecedented level of integration capabilities. We have experience of integrating BioRails with many systems including:


BioRails is a highly configurable platform for implementing data management workflows. Based on business analysis our consultants will prepare the system to address your key requirements, configuring assay services, workflows and data analytics templates. These are then documented and tested ready for deployment. Building on our standard content for areas like DMPK and other disciplines we aim to deliver the system as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. Our consultants will assist internal teams to test and accept the software before transitioning the system into support.


Both standard and bespoke educational courses are available, ensuring that scientists and research IT staff can quickly understand how the system works and make adjustments to maximize the efficiency returns for their organizations. Our aim is to make sure you are self reliant and can optimize the system after delivery.


Support is provided using the Instem help desk which is available 24/7 with a manned helpdesk available 23hrs a day.

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