Transforming Software for Drug Discovery & Development

What makes us different?

Instem Discovery are focused on improving the efficiency of research and development, improving productivity and ensuring that the data from every study and experiment is captured with high quality, retaining all its structure and metadata, maximizing its value to your organization.

Instem Discovery bridge the gap between science and IT. We are pharmaceutical domain experts especially in areas such as DMPK, ADME, in vitro & in vivo Pharmacology and formulations.



The key to efficient research and development is managing the workflow and ensuring everyone knows who is doing what next.


Pharmaceutical R&D is a data driven process, the highest standards of data management practice are at the heart of success.


Combining process, data and resources, means better decisions made efficiently. This helps to reduce cycle times and time to market.


We specialize in the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and contract research industries. If you need people who talk your language and understand the demands of research and development, you're in the right place. We act as the bridge between Research and IT, translating the needs of scientists into terms that IT can understand and deliver. Our software meets the requirements of enterprise IT departments whilst delivering to the exacting demands of individual scientists.

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Designed for Science

All our software is designed for science. That means it can be adapted and configured to deliver workflow and data science support for each discipline without the complexity of an IT project. This allows us to rapidly identify and solve productivity issues.

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