BioRails MT™

Material Registration

BioRails is used by many different types of organization doing a huge variety of research and development. Traditionally drugs and other samples have been managed in specific systems dedicated to managing entities such as Compounds, Lots, Proteins, Antibodies etc. BioRails integrates with compound and biological registration systems to support the Request-Plan-Test cycle. However there are many other types of materials generated which are not supported by these types of system. For example biological samples generated during in vivo studies such as plasma, blood, tissues and other samples. Equality drugs are usually formulated into formulation samples rather than neat compounds, these are rarely managed formally.

BioRails MT has been designed to allow organizations to register and manage these materials. Track material properties and leverage the BioRails Request-Plan-Test workflow along with keeping track of the quantity and location of these samples.

Once stored in BioRails MT they can be tracked, ordered and distributed using BioRails INV and BioRails OR.

Contract Research Organizations (CRO)

CROs will receive samples from many customers all over the world. They only receive high level information about the samples such as IDs and basic properties. BioRails MT allows them to register the samples in BioRails and manage the delivery of testing services both for fee for service work and also integrated projects. Combined with BioRails INV and BioRails OR they can manage the distribution of samples for testing across multiple sites. This transparency improves efficiency, reduces turnaround times and means they can deliver more services with same resources.

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