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Webinar 3: Sample Management
Hybrid in-house and CRO based sample management with BioRails August 26th 2015 EU & US East Coast

Webinar 2: Data Analytics for In vivo pharmacology and pharmacokinetics

 Early stage in vivo pharmacology, or often the first time in animal, is a critical stage in transitioning a potential therapeutic from R&D to the clinic. Not only is how a drug performs in animal models important to understanding potential efficacy and safety, it is also critical to diagnosing any potential absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion problems before advancing into human. Even though many ADME parameter assays can be done in vitro, in vivo testing is still crucial ...
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Evotec DMPK present at Paperless Laboratory Meeting
Today The Edge announced that Evotec will speak at the Paperless Laboratory Forum  Business improvements in DMPK using  Morphing Software Gayle Dagnell Evotec, a drug discovery organization, utilises BioRails to manage Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics (DMPK) and biological experimentation.  BioRails software is a ...
Biology Innovation Advances with New Release of Assay and Study Management Product Suite
The Edge's partner launch new release of BioRails. Biology Innovation Advances with New Release of Assay and Study Management Product Suite BioRails 4.5 and Morphit 3.0 accelerate assay pipelines, improve cascade management and enhance collaborative decision-making in discovery biology "Coordinating and tracking study designs for l ...
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DMPK Package - a collection of data analysis content for DMPK

BioRails PTO - Assay Requests and Project Cascades

BioRails DM - comprehensive enterprise data management  suite for R&D scientists includes

Morphit - a new technology for implementing data capture, analysis and reporting for assays and studies

BioRails4Office - leverage the productivity of the Microsoft Office suite with the enterprise features of BioRails

ELN - a collaborative notebook for capturing and sharing knowledge across sites, departments and disciplines

MDM - Master Data Management solution for research organisations

BioRails Inventory - integrated plate and vial based inventory system

BioRails Cloud - all the power of BioRails in the Cloud

Morphit Desktop - a powerful spreadsheet technology for solving general business and scientific data problems

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