BioRails 5.9 Released

June 28, 2020

Today we released BioRails 5.9 a significant step forward for Biopharmaceutical data management


Register and track Biospecimens generated during in vivo Studies using BioRails MT. Track samples in tubes, racks and plates with BioRails INV. Request and track Bioanalytical results, elaborate PK parameters and generate study reports, all in one system. Search and source tissue samples for Genetics studies, tracking Sample preparation, Library Prep and Sequencing experiments in BioRails. Build a database of genetics samples.


Defined and store recipes for formulations, track common excipients and optimized combinations for specific species and routes of administration. Search and mine this information to select the optimal formulation for your in vivo study. Formulate compounds and store them in tubes, racks and plates for distribution to dosing teams. Request and track formulation demands from project teams. Track and record adverse events, linked to specific excipients, generating new corporate knowledge and avoiding expensive mistakes down stream.


The new BioRails ORD module enables ordering across the enterprise with specific integration with CRO-based inventory workflows. Track dispatch and receipt processes making inventory orders transparent across the organization and integrating outsourced inventory services into the heart of research and development.

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