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Morphit Addins


There are a number of addins for Morphit that are used to extend domain specific areas such as chemistry or pharmacology.


These add-ins are available in the Downloads section.

Fitting4Morphit (Curve Fitting)


"Fitting for Morphit provides a robust method of running routine experiments, something difficult in other packages"

The Fitting4Morphit add in provides support for non-linear regression for a wide range of fitting models.  The 'fits' are integrated seemlessly within the charting components of Morphit and include interactive quality control with datapoint knock-out and knock-in.


The Scientific Data Importer for Morphit provides a method of importing data from plate readers and other instruments into Morphit tables. This removes the need to transcribe or copy and paste data, simplifying the experiment workflow by removing the need to pre-process data.



BioRails4Morphit integrates Morphit with the BioRails platform allowing data from Morphit documents to be centrally managed and analytically searched. Data from Morphit documents can be posted into BioRails as structured data. This addin enables the following features of BioRails:


Stats4Morphit significantly extends the statistical capabilities including support for


  • one sample z-test

  • one sample t-test

  • two sample t-test

  • F-Test

  • Bartlett's Test

  • Levene's Test

 Future releases

These addins are available as prototypes and awaiting customer demand. Please contact us if you would like early access or to discuss your requirements.


"It is great to see the structures and curve fits together in one place and interact with the data"

The Structures4Morphit addin supports the display of chemical structures and calculation of basic chemical properties such as mass and formula using ChemAxon’s JChem and Marvin technology.  Input formats include 'Daylight Smiles' or 'MDLMolfile' as well as pasting structures from a drawing package such as Marvin or Symyx Draw. Load data from SD Files and other formats.


Proteax4Morphit integrates Biochemfusion's Proteax software suite making it easy to handle modified proteins and protein derivatives. The combination of Proteax and Morphit provides an environment for storing, analysing and testing your protein structures. The chemically-aware Proteax engine enables you to work with post-translationally and chemically modified protein sequences. Protein data can therefore be transferred directly to the data management environment of BioRails to enable biological and other testing using BioRails LIMS.