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Morphit Videos

Instructional Videos


Here are a collection of screencasts that illustrate how to use Morphit and its plugins

This video is a basic introduction to Morphit, showing the principles of 'Sheets' and 'Tables'.


Combining table for interactive data capture and analysis

This video shows how to combined tables together to control the dimensionality of a data entry and analysis tables.


Adding interactive charts and graphs

This video illustrates how to add interactive charts to your Morphit documents.


Adding chemical information

Structures4Morphit add-in allows chemical information to be entered and used in Morphit. This includes display of chemical structures, calculation of molecular formula, molecular weight and exact mass.


Curve Fitting

This video reviews the different curve fitting options available in Morphit. The latest version of Morphit now offers a curve model editor allowing users to define new models.


Data Entry By Form

There are many times when users need to see all the data from a row of a table in context and a form. This is also used when working with handheld devices such as Electronic Balances, RFID scanners, Barcode devices and Calipers.


Data Mining

Morphit can search, retrieve and analyzing data from multiple data sources including:

  • BioRails
  • SQL Databases
  • Files (Excel, CSV…)
  • Morphit documents


The latest Morphit version contains a new reporting feature allowing users to define complex report templates and generate publication quality documents from data in Morphit. This can be used to generate standard documentation such as:

  • Certificates of Analysis

  • Protocol Documentation

  • Study Reports

  • Quality Reports

Note there is no audio with this video.