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Morphit Downloads

Morphit Download

Morphit & BioRails Tools 6.2

Desktop productivity tools for BioRails including

  • Morphit - the dimensional spreadsheet

  • Fitting4Morphit - a selection of fitting models for non-linear regression

  • SDI4Morphit - a file parsing tool supporting the import of complex data files according to an import definition

  • Statisitics4Morphit - a library of statistics including a collection of non-parameteric tests as well as advanced ANOVA analysis

  • Cassetting - new addin for arranging samples into non-mass overlapping cassettes (cocktails) for efficient MS testing

  • Sample Plate Assignment - a new component for assigning samples onto plates using drag and drop

  • BioRails4Morphit - data exchange between Morphit and BioRails

  • BioRails Explorer - Windows desktop integration with BioRails

  • BioRails HTS - automation client for the service

Works on Windows 7 and Windows 10

Contact us for download access.