Master Data Management

Categorized Ontologies

Create and organize lookups within the BioRails Catalogue. Source dictionaries from with BioRails as flat or hierachical lists of values. Federate master data from integrated source systems such as project databases, compound & biologic registration systems and LIMS.

Never repeat an experiment

Avoid redundant effort by ensuring experimental results can be easily found and leveraged. Tracking study requests with BioRails PTO ensures that scientists are made aware if they are asking for the same experiment that another scientist has already conducted or requested before, eliminating expensive and unncessary experimentation and resource usage.

Capture Structured Data

Define parameter types based on master data and ensure that data is validated and clean at the point of cature. Reduce the need for subsequent data cleansing efforts by implementing the highest standards of data management good practice from the start.

Serve Master Data

Leverage all master data in BioRails, Morphit and other applications.


BioRails is fully compatible with corporate ontology systems like SciBite's CENtree. Allowing BioRails to ensure data is captured that is compliant with CENtree Ontologies and synoyms are translated into perferred terms during data capture.

Registration Systems

Integrate master data from corporate registrations systems for compounds, biologics, projects, targets and other master data. Ensure that all data captured is compliant with terms from these systems.

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