BioRails INV™

Inventory control and supply

A comprehensive inventory system designed to support in-house, externalized and hybrid operations. Many pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies are using sample management services from CROs like Evotec and Sigma Aldrich. BioRails INV keeps track of samples generated by chemists in project teams, synthesized at CROs or bought from suppliers.


Search current inventory stocks for powders or liquid samples. Quickly identify samples that can fulfill assay needs and place an order for delivery. Work with externally managed inventory services, tracking dispatch and receipt of samples from CROs, or combining samples from local stores with materials ordered from CRO-based stores. There is a separate license for ordering users called “BioRails OR”.


Create assay ready plates, combining local stocks in automated tube stores with liquid handling instruments to prepare ready to go plates. This reduces turn around time and ensures that project teams get results faster and that service teams are running as efficiently as possible. Combine plates in quad maps, dilution series and other methods.


Integrated with assay requesting and planning, the stock information supports supply decisions, providing up to date information to select the best samples and reduce project delays from inventory supply. Assay teams can leverage accurate quantity and location information to ensure they coordinate experiment schedules with availability of materials for testing.

BioRails INV includes BioRails MT and BioRails OR

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