BioRails InLife™

Productivity for the Vivarium

Study Design

BioRails InLifeTM works in concert with BioRails DM to help vivarium staff to accurately prepare, treat and harvest samples from animals during in vivo studies. Design single dose, multi-dose and other complex in vivo studies designs.

Study Design

Workstation Planning

Register workstations with connected instruments like balances and RFI scanners to facilitate direct data capture without the need for transcription and checking. Distribute studies over multiple sites and vivariums. Make sure the required number of staff are available to conduct study activities and keep them updated on schedule changes.

Using the latest IOT technology BioRails easily integrates instrumentation and makes sure that measurements of Body weight, syringe weights and other data are captured without the need for transcription saving time and increasing accuracy.

Allocate animals and record body weights

The right animal at the right time

Turning study designs into accurate flexible treatment and harvesting schedules which update in real time allows vivarium teams to increase productivity and reduce stress. This leads to improvements in accuracy and quality of studies.

Real time data capture during treatment

All data is accurately recorded in BioRails DM, animals, samples and collection containers are tracked in BioRails INV ready for routing to Bioanalysis and elaboration of results.

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