Scalable Data Storage

BioHub™ provides a scalable data store which applies corporate standards of data representation and compliance with corporate ontologies. It provides a variety of data loading mechanisms to enable external CROs and partners along with internal teams to post data. It validates all incoming data and ensures that only high-quality data meeting corporate standards are published to the corporate data warehouse.

One place for all your data

Many organizations have effective LIMS and specialist systems for generating results from raw data but lack a centralized place to consolidate and search result. BioRails Biohub is design to meet this need. It can be run in the cloud or on-premise, provides support for registering assays based on formally managed terminology and ontologies. Results can be uploaded using a simple web-based interface that can be used to upload results from every type of assay from HTS to complex low throughput in vitro and in vivo assays. Integration to leading HTS data analytics software means large data sets can be published directly to the Biohub and avoid time consuming and potentially error prone file manipulations. CROs can be securely given access to upload and exchange results.

Combined with BioRails Warehouse this provides a solution that can scale to the largest organizations, and absorb data from many different sources. The net result is a high quality scalable resource of results which can be exploited from tools like Certara D360, Optibrium Star Drop, Spotfire and other analytics tools. This also provides an easy access point for Data scientists developing AI algorithms based on the corporate knowledge.

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