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BioRails DM

BioRails DM

Workflow driven data management

Structured Data

BioRails provides an effective platform for data management. It allows organizations to implement the highest standards of data management. Define experimental workflows, combining the process for data capture with structured data storage, and powerful data analytics templates (using Morphit).

Workflow Driven

Coordinate activities across multiple departments, internally and with partners and CROs. Define and execute high level workflows which address the different types or data captured during a scientific experiment. Use analytical templates to drive laboratory workflows. Generate plate maps, injections lists for Mass Spectrometers, robotics instructions files and other experimental artifacts. Read and analyse instrument files from fluorescence readers, Mass Spectrometers, and many other types of instrument files.


Apply statistics, curve fitting and other analytical techniques to transform raw data into results. Apply advanced quality control criteria within and across experiments to ensure quality. Search and analyse results across studies to extract knowledge and understanding.

Create documentation templates for study reports, quality reports, certificates of analysis and many other types of report. Generate high quality documentation at the press of a button, combining data, results, charts, graphs, and images from within or across experiments. Save hours of time, compiling and formulating documentation.




A powerful templating tool used to deliver flexible data analytics and reporting for any experimental workflow.

BioRails HTS

Automated data analysis for HTS and dataloading.

BioRails ELN

A collaborative notebook for capturing and sharing knowledge across sites, departments and disciplines.

BioRails MDM

Master Data Management solution for research organisations