BioRails ELN

Focusing on the needs of project teams, biologists and pharmacologists BioRails provides an effective replacement for paper laboratory notebooks supporting collaboration between multiple disciplines and individuals across the enterprise.

Key Features

  • Fully version-controlled content management system
  • Access to data controlled by scientists through roles and team membership
  • Content organised into folder hierarchy
  • Text and document searching
  • Electronically sign and witness documents and content
  • Variety of printed outputs
    • PDF
    • Word
    • RTF

Key Benefits

  • Data accessibility
    • Searching
    • Drill down
    • Enterprise friendly licensing
  • Data can be kept private then published when ready
  • Provenance of data can be demonstrated
    • Observations, anotations, and discussion
    • Images, files and raw data
  • Create study reports and supporting documentation faster 
    • Re-use exisiting content without the need to copy and paste
    • Template standard content 
  • Capture and protect all the context with structured data

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