The Edge provide a broad range of cheminformatics services. This includes services based on products from:

Download the whitepaper "Migrating chemical information to new architectures" and contact us for more details.

The Edge consultants work with leading pharmaceutical companies to help them reassess their information architecture and introduce more structured approaches to controlling information and knowledge management. From experience across a number of pharmaceutical companies a consistent approach and methodology is introduced allowing organisations to execute a more predictable and evidence based strategy to informatics.


The Edge integrate leading cheminformatics technology with all its products from BioRails to Morphit.


Morphit spreadsheet for Pharmacokinetics analysis using the Chemaxon plugin and the Curve fitting plugin.

Innovators in chemical information

One of the largest challenges of managing information across the drug discovery value chain is integration of heterogeneous data from within the many disciplines. Combining the adaptability and flexibility of the BioRails platform with innovative chemical technology from vendors like Accelrys, ChemAxon etc allows us integrate data from across discovery from target identification to preclinical biological results.

The Edge have a proven track record of delivering innovative cheminformatics solutions for some of the leading vendors in life science informatics. We only use high quality industry professionals with a track record of project delivery.

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