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Webinar 6: Data analytics for DMPK/ADME II (Event)

Event date: 17 November 2015

One of the ongoing challenges in drug discovery is to develop therapeutics with a good pharmacological profile as well as strong pharmacokinetic properties. To this end, over the last 15 years or more a number of in vitro and in vivo assays have been developed to evaluate the early stage drug bioavailability, pharmacokinetics and safety.   Providing data analytics for these assays can be a challenge, due to the range of conditions and variability of instrument data in this space. The Edge, ...

Webinar 5: BioRails ELN (Event)

Event date: 29 October 2015

BioRails an Electronic Laboratory Notebook that protects and preserves the value of biological studies Biology is too general a term for all the variety of disciplines involved in the scientific discovery of new medicines and therapies within most pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies. It covers everything from target validation, activity screening to DMPK, ADME and in vivo pharmacology. It ranges from procedure driven tasks to more research focused experiments. The Edge’s BioRail ...

The Edge at ISSX 2015 (Event)

Event date: 18 October 2015

Contact us to meet at the ISSX conference in Orlando  

Webinar 4: Assay requesting and workflow for any biology (Event)

Event date: 17 September 2015

Drug Discovery is not about exclusively developing chemical therapeutics, but now, even more so, about developing the best treatment for a specific disease condition. Whether it be siRNA to silence specific gene expression or antibodies to block specific protein- protein interactions, peptides to mimic natural biological regulators, small molecules to target specific binding domains or even combinations of each (Antibody Drug conjugates or ADCs as an example), the gamut of possible treatment ther ...

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