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Basic introduction to Morphit

This video is a very basic introduction to Morphit, showing the basics of Sheets and Tables.

Combining tables together for interactive data entry and analysis

This video shows how to combined tables together to control the dimensionality of a data entry and analysis tables.

Adding interactive charts and graphs to Morphit

This video illustrates how to add interactive charts to your Morphit documents.

Adding chemical information to Morphit

This video illustrates how to visualise and use chemical information within a Morphit document using the Structures4Morphit plug-in.

Curve fitting in Morphit

This video reviews the different curve fitting options in the Fitting4Morphit plug-in.

Science examples

Morphit can be used to streamline data capture and processing across a range of scientific disciplines.  It's flexible design allows these templates to be used across a wide range of experimental conditions without changes, increasing productivity and the quality and consistency of results.

Radioligand Binding

This video shows a Morphit template being used to capture and process data from a plate based radioligand binding experiment. The template can manage a varying numbers of compounds, doses and replicates of each dose. Samples' are automatically arranged across 'plates' so that data can be normalise and results calculated using the curve fitting plug-in.

Behavioural Scoring

This video shows Morphit being used to conduct an in-vivo scoring study. This includes setting up treatment groups, assigning animals from the available pool, generating a randomised scoring sheet and processing the captured data into results tables and charts, ready for an electronic or paper laboratory notebook.

Tumour Volume

This video shows Morphit being used to conduct an oncology study. The protocol and treatment groups being used are defined. Animals are randomly assigned to the groups ensuring that the weight distribution is even. A list of spare animals that can be returned to the pool is created. The tumour widths and lengths are recorded and automatically converted to tumour volumes during the 51 day study. Results are then automatically graphed and printed to the laboratory notebook.

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