Biology Examples

Biology Examples

Here are a collection of videos showing how Morphit can be used to run experiments and studies. It's flexible design allows these templates to be used across a wide range of experimental conditions without changing the structure of the binder, increasing productivity and the quality and consistency of results.

Tumour Volume

This example shows how to use BioRails and Morphit together to run an oncology assay


In this PKPD assay we use BioRails for the study management (registering the experiment, data repository) and Morphit to transform the sample files into end point data and post this information back up to BioRails.

Radioligand Binding

This video shows a Morphit template being used to capture and process data from a plate based radioligand binding experiment.

Compound Progression Analysis

Analysing single point data to identify the selcetively active compounds

Behavioural Scoring

This video shows Morphit being used to conduct an in-vivo scoring study. This includes setting up treatment groups, assigning animals from the available pool, generating a randomised scoring sheet and processing the captured data into results tables and charts, ready for an electronic or paper laboratory notebook.

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