In vivo

BioRails DM provides a versitile solution for capturing a variety of routine pharmacology studies such as Xenograft Studies.

These Experiment templates support

  • Study Design
  • Treatment group assignment
  • Randomization
  • Integration of calipers, balances and RFI scanners
  • Automated reporting of graphs and results

Tumour volumes are measured and tracked across the study, identifying when subjects are ready for treatments and subsequent changes in tumour size.

Changes in body weight are recored and any welfare issues highlighted.


All results and graphs are stored in BioRails and available for searching across studies.

Webinar assay requesting for any biology.

In this webinar we present our assay request system (BioRails PTO) showing its application across
  • Pharmaceutical research for a range of assays from early phase HTS to late phase studies
  • Biopharmaceutical protein production and characterisation assays
  • Contract Research Organizations offering a range of fee for service or outsourced discovery assays
  • As a tool for tracking externalized work

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