Build in collaboration with our customers these content collections provide a fast start for implementation of your laboratories. This includes:

  • Morphit binders for data analysis
  • BioRails workflows and queues for requesting and scheduling assays
  • Queries for searching and exploiting data
  • Used in real laboratories in CROs and Pharma companies every day

Discounts are available for customers who contribute to these content collections, because we rely on experience of working together to create content that helps all our customers to do better biology faster and more effectively.

Content Subscription Pricing
Package/Module Description Price per site
In vitro Dose Response and Single point assay templates with heatmaps, Z-prime monitors for QC, interactive curves and review £2,000
DMPK Collection of DMPK assay templates, workflows and queues £5,000
In vivo Generic disease templates for managing in vivo studies £5,000

Academic discounts available on request.

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