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Be more productive with Morphit and BioRails

This application is now part of the BioRails DM suite of applications. 

BioRails Desktop

While BioRails is used to manage studies and experiments, BioRailsDesktop tools provide integration with the desktop.

  • BioRails Explorer
    • Register Experiments
    • Download BioRails content to the desktop and MS Word
    • Drag files from the desktop into BioRails folders
  • Morphit4BioRails
    • Integrate the flexible processing power of Morphit for running experiments that require greater flexibility than traditional spreadsheets
    • Extract data for secondary analysis and data mining

Screen Casts


In this PKPD assay we use BioRails for the study management (registering the experiment, data repository) and Morphit to transform the sample files into end point data and post this information back up to BioRails for review and signoff.

Morphit - Tumour Volume Study

The video below shows Morphit being used as the data processing tool with BioRails providing the study management support.

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