Introduction Videos

Here are a collection of screencasts that introduce BioRails and its modules

BioRails PTO

Make and track requests for studies and assays using BioRails PTO to control the assay workflow.


BioRails ELN (Electronic Laboratory Notebook)

This video shows how to use the BioRails ELN for a Molecular Biology Experiment including annotation of gel images.


BioRails DM (Data Management)

This video shows how to schedule and run an experiment using BioRails DM a modern data management solution.



In this PKPD assay we use BioRails for the study management (registering the experiment, data repository) and Morphit to transform the sample files into end point data and post this information back up to BioRails for review and signoff.



BioRails MDM (Master Data Management)

This video introduces the concept of the BioRails data catalogue and how to use it.


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