BioRails MDM

BioRails MDM is a specialist master data management solution designed to allow research organisations to define and enforce their terminology and data typing across a heterogeneous application landscape.

Master data management - A key component of the BioRails platform is the terminology or master data catalogue used to implement a controlled vocabulary for the system, unique to each research organisation. This provides control of not only dictionaries and lookups but also the naming and behaviour of parameters within the system. This is achieved using data types and data formats which are combined into parameter types used to capture high quality consistent structured data.  Download the Master data management white paper

Integration - BioRails MDM can consolidate master data from both BioRails and external systems creating a consistent and controlled set of master data for use across a range of other systems. This forms the backbone of any organisations data quality system.

BioRails is a modern integrative application designed as part of an enterprise information landscape where terminology and data are implemented across many systems. The BioRails catalogue facilitates consolidation and categorisation of all the key concepts and terms with an organisation, acting as a central source of master data. The catalogue is the foundation of industry leading data management and is based on established standards, tried and tested in global organisations.

Service orientated - an extensive web services interface can be used to access and exploit the consolidated master data from external systems. There are related products which provide access to this master data from Microsoft Office and other environments.


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