BioRails HTS

 BioRails HTS is an automation tool used for two activities:

  • Automation of High Throughout Screening experiments
    • Monitoring folders for reader files
    • Normalizing data
    • Curve fitting for IC50s
    • Posting heat maps for plates to aid quality control
  • Automation of data loading
    • Loading legacy data in the background
    • Posting high volume data from complex experiments such as telemetry data
    • Absorbing data from CROs


Plate-based HTS Automation

Automated data loading

BioRails HTS is made up of two parts

  1. Windows Service designed to run on as many windows servers as required
  2. Windows client for setting up and monitoring the service

It include the Scientific data reader from Morphit and can read a range of files from MS files to reader files.


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