BioRails ELN

The BioRails ELN supports capture of unstructured information within the same organisational structure as results. It delivers an Electronic Laboratory Notebook enabling biologists to; record scientific observations and conclusions alongside structured data; prepare and publish reports to the wider scientific community.

All in one place - BioRails ELN supports structured data capture along with storage of processing and documentation templates together with all the materials related to research activity, from raw data to finalised report. This provides a centralised archive of all information.  

Collaboration - BioRails ELN facilitates collaboration between projects, departments and disciplines improving communication and efficiency. Integrate outsourced research partners either by providing direct secure access to post results or by sending offline templates which can be filled and loaded like other results in BioRails ELN without special software requirements.
Knowledge -  record observations and conclusions linked to results facilitating data analysis and centralisation of knowledge.
Protect intellectual property - generate defensible documentation with electronic signatures, and witnessing workflow. Create an application independent IP store directly from witnessed and signed PDF documents created and stored in BioRails. Simplify IP protection procedures and avoid vendor dependencies.
Compliance - enforce workflow and audit changes essential parts of your 21 CFR part 11 compliance.
Results, observations and conclusions can be electronically signed by the author and assigned for witnessing to a senior scientist.  
Load and annotate images together with results and analysis of your study.

Demonstration Video

In this video we review the features of the BioRails ELN and how to execute a Microsomal Stability study using the BioRails.

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