BioRails PTO

BioRails PTO(Project Tracking and Optimization) is designed to support new network R&D models adopted by many pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. In this new environment research scientists depend on both internal departments and external contract research organizations (CRO) to provide services for compound inventory including preparation of assay plates, formulation, and biological testing.

BioRails PTO has been designed to address both the strategic need to track and monitor high level project progress with a solution for the tactical demands of delivering results to project teams in the most efficient and resource effective way.

Requests - Project teams drive the research process by submitting 'request items' to service queues.

Fulfillment - Laboratory managers review workloads and organise research activities in the most efficient manner to deliver results to project teams for decision making.

Tracking - requesters can track the status of requests and when complete, retrieve the results.
Planning - This integrative solution works across existing information systems such as  LIMS and ELNs supporting the scientists with tools for scheduling, planning and coordinating the workload amongst teams and individuals.
Cascades - Project leaders can monitor progress of their requests and track the overall status of the research cascade. Smooth transition of requests and tasks between different teams and individuals reduces the overall time for decision making increasing productivity and efficiency of the overall process.
Streamline project decision making
  • Create project specific assay cascades
  • Customise your progression criteria
  • Reducing cycle times by automating decisions

Automate progression decisions using a rule engine

BioRails PTO has been developed in collaboration with several multinational pharmaceutical companies and has been in production since the begining of 2010.



BioRails PTO delivers the following benefits 

  • increase productivity
  • reduce unnecessary experimentation
  • improve coordination and collaboration between teams
  • remove tedious tracking and reporting tasks
  • automate routine progression decisions

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