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BioRails is a productivity tool for biologists and pharmacologists, helping them plan, schedule and execute their work.

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BioRails HTS is a professional add-in for BioRails. Automate data processing for single point and dose response screens. 

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Preclinical research often involves complex studies with multiple parameters. Morphit is a new type of application used to capture and analyse multi-dimensional data.

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Innovative solutions that focus on productivity

The Edge products address not only data management of biological research but importantly concentrate on supporting scientists to organise, plan and schedule research activities.

BioRails is flexible enough to fit a range of industrial and academic research

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Biotechnology
  • Agrochemicals
  • Cosmoceuticals
  • General research

BioRails is a new type of software product offering a single framework for project and data management across the drug discovery process. Improve efficiency and communication across departments and research sites. Productivity features include:

  • Request tracking
  • Todo lists
  • Planning
  • Ordering and inventory
  • Laboratory automation and instrument file generation
  • Data analysis
  • Study report authoring
  • Electronic notebook pages
  • Searching and reporting

Our solutions are designed to reduce the cost and effort associated with traditional software in this domain. They require less IT support and are adaptable enough to expand to meet the changing needs of your business.

They are all web-based & web-enabled, cloud ready and designed to reduce the total cost of ownership.

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