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Curve Fitting and Chemistry plug-ins released

Date: 04 December 2009

The new curve fitting and chemistry plug-ins for Morphit are now available with the free 30 day trial version of Morphit. Fit your data to a range of curve models to determine IC50, EC50, Ki and other parameters. Capture chemical information and calculate basic properties within the Morphit spreadsheet.

Morphit videos available

Date: 02 December 2009

A series of Morphit videos are available demonstrating how Morphit can address a range of problems, helping to improve productivity and streamline your work. Review the videos and download the free 30 day trial with example templates.

Morphit Released

Date: 30 October 2009

Today The Edge release Morphit, a new type of spreadsheet which can dramatically increase your personal productivity.  Morphit addresses many of the problems associated with traditional spreadsheets. You can read more about Morphit in the white paper 'Spreadsheets - Evolved'. Register today to download a free 30 day trial with instructions how to build and use the examples.

Morphit - Spreadsheets Evolved

Date: 28 October 2009

In preparation for the release of Morphit this Friday, we have posted a new white paper describing the features and benefits of the application.  

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