Executive management

Andrew Lemon
Chief Executive Officer: Dr Andrew Lemon

Andrew is business lead, focusing on company development and marketing whilst maintaining his consulting portfolio. A specialist in life science informatics, Andrew focuses on helping organisations to implement and maintain sustainable systems and business processes. He has experience covering the full product life cycle from inception to replacement. Andrew has worked with many of the leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies from around the globe analysing their processes and implementing solutions.

Ted Hawkins
VP Delivery & Director: Dr Edward Hawkins

Ted is lead consultant and product manager for BioRails and MorphIt. An experienced biologist who has spent his career implementing scientific software solutions. Ted focuses on the nitty-gritty of business process re-engineering, integrating instruments and productivity improvements.

Alec Gibson
VP Desktop Development & Director: Alec Gibson

Alec is desktop products development lead, including BioRails4Office and Morphit. He is a talented software engineer and has been commercially engineering software for biological research applications for over a decade. Alec is a practitioner of upfront design, built on detailed requirements, and delivers full project life cycle documentation. 

VP Enterprise Development & Director: Dr Robert Shell

Robert is enterprise solutions architect and a data management specialist, having designed and architected some of the leading solutions for biological data management, and now BioRails. He has extensive experience of RDBMS including Oracle and DB2. He has been responsible for numerous major data integration projects for global pharmaceutical companies. His key strength is his ‘pharmaceutical domain knowledge’, he has been designing and implementing scientific software for over 20 years.


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