To become the leading supplier of knowledge-based solutions and services to the biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry and their CROs. 


Provide an environment where our consultants and staff have the freedom to create the best solution for our customers. To focus services on the transfer of knowledge and process to our customers empowering them to succeed without creating dependency. To deliver true value for money, where our customers value the service we provide.

Focus on productivity

Our mission is to improve the productivity of scientists

The pharmaceutical industry is facing a difficult challenge, how to improve the efficiency and productivity of research and development without stifling innovation.

The Edge offers a unique combination of scientific knowledge and IT innovation. This allows our consultants to communicate effectively with a wide range of scientific disciplines, translating their needs into requirements that empower IT teams to deliver more effective solutions.

In the laboratory

Our target is to improve the productivity of scientists, and recover one day per week for every scientist in our client's laboratories. This is achieved by careful analysis of business processes, identifying gaps and introducing tactical solutions that optimise working practices.  

For the enterprise 

Standardisation of terminology, processes and systems yields greater consistency, quality and reproducibility of information. Architectural improvements facilitate integration, removing bottlenecks and smoothing the transfer of information between groups and individuals collaborating across the enterprise and beyond. Our software is based on public standards and enables sustainable integration.

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