Press Release - Evotec DMPK present at Paperless Laboratory Meeting

17 March 2014

Today The Edge announced that Evotec will speak at the Paperless Laboratory Forum

 Business improvements in DMPK using  Morphing Software

Gayle Dagnell

Evotec, a drug discovery organization, utilises BioRails to manage Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics (DMPK) and biological experimentation.  BioRails software is a unique solution, flexible enough to address the full range of activities from routine in vitro screening to in vivo studies.  BioRails combines traditional data management with an electronic laboratory notebook.  It has been designed to be flexible enough to cover everything from HTS to in-vivo studies and simple enough so that scientists can be largely self-sufficient, defining their own data capture templates, searching, analysing and reporting on research studies.

Evotec medicinal chemistry teams use Biorails Project Tracking and Optimisation (PTO) to make requests for assays and after submission the requester can track the status of the request and when complete, retrieve the results.  Evotec DMPK teams use Biorails Data Management (DM) to design flexible processes and workflows for capturing experimental data, allowing scientists to use the system across the full range of scientific investigations.   Evotec understands that each customer has different needs, internal capabilities and capacities.  BioRails allows Evotec scientists the freedom to choose the best approach for their needs.  Leveraging the benefits of its large, flexible, high-quality organisation allows Evotec to offer cost-effective one-stop solutions.  By working with Evotec and leveraging its integrated platform, customers are able to drive down cycle times to allow for the advancement of drug discovery programmes at a faster pace.  The unique flexibility of the Biorails software allows Evotec to provide innovative and efficient solutions that are always focused on the needs of its customers.

BioRails DM and Morphit

This is an example of BioRails DM and Morphit being used to optimize business processes with in a contract research organization.

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