Press Release - Growth in 2011

05 April 2011

 Today The Edge announced that in the past year they have added three new global pharmaceutical companies to their list of customers.

Customer growth

An increasing number of organisations are recognising the level of innovation and expertise that The Edge provide.

  • A top 5 global pharmaceutical company are using BioRails LIMS to manage analytical services from high throughput chemist
  • A top 10 global pharmaceutical company are using BioRails Cascade to realise their goals for improving turnaround times and globalising project and assay workflow
  • A top 20 global pharameutical company are using BioRails LIMS/ELN to facilitate data management across in vivo, in vitro and analytical chemistry business functions together with Translational Medicine

These companies come to The Edge because we offer higher levels of innovation, more flexibility and better value for money than our competitors. This is recognised by our customers, market commentators, collaborators and partners across the world.

We have also added a number of smaller organisation to our customer list and are experiencing a lot of excitement around innovative products such as Morphit our productivity tool for in vivo scientists and the Cascade module of BioRails.

Company Growth

In 2011 we have increased our staffing levels by 50% and look forward to reaching yet more customers during the rest of this year, either directly or through our partners and distributors across the globe.

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