Press Release - The Edge Partners with Japanese Distributor

26 January 2010

The Edge partners with Ryoka Systems Inc to bring The Edge’s modern innovative solutions to the Japanese market.

GUILDFORD, United Kingdom, The Edge Software Consultancy Ltd (“The Edge”), a leading provider of biological data management and Electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) solutions, today announced a partnership with Ryoka Systems Inc(“Ryoka”). They will market The Edge software products to pharmaceutical companies in Japan.

Ryoka will market Morphit a high productivity spreadsheet focused on increasing productivity in preclinical research and development. Morphit combines flexible data capture with advanced analysis capabilities. Morphit can be used for a huge range of studies from routine dose response screening to complex behavioural studies. Its flexible design means a single Morphit document can be applied to a wide range of studies allowing scientists to vary conditions and capture new observations as they are identified.

Data from these studies can be shared and exploited using the BioRails platform, a suite of products focused on capturing and sharing knowledge gained from biological research. These include BioRails ELN, a collaborative electronic laboratory notebook, BioRails LIMS, a modern scalable data management system, BioRails MDM, a master data management system used to increase data quality, and BioRails Cascade, a unique solution for optimising the research cascade.

"The Edge has been very responsive in addressing the needs of the Japanese market" said Junichi Goto, Executive Officer,
Science & Technology System Division, Ryoka Systems Inc. "We’ve found their solutions to be highly innovative and are very excited about introducing these solutions to Japanese customers."

"We are very pleased to be working with a high quality organisation like Ryoka Systems Inc.", said Dr Andrew Lemon, CEO at The Edge. "The Japanese market is important to us, identifying the right partner was fundamental to reaching customers in Japan."

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