Press Release - Morphit: Spreadsheets just evolved!

03 November 2009

Morphit is a new type of spreadsheet delivering dramatic increases in productivity for business and scientific users of spreadsheets. Morphit combines data capture and powerful analysis capabilities in one package.

The Edge Nov 03, 2009 – Today business analysts, scientists and general spreadsheet users can dramatically increase their productivity with Morphit an evolution in spreadsheet design empowering users to work smarter and faster than with traditional spreadsheets. Combining data capture and analysis Morphit brings powerful data analysis to your finger tips.

Based on experience from the pharmaceutical industry The Edge have evolved the spreadsheet to address many of the common issues with traditional spreadsheets. The spreadsheet has seen relatively little improvement of the past 20 years and Morphit marks a significant evolution. Easier to audit and less error prone, it adapts to changes in your data.

The Edge are offering a free 30 day trial of Morphit with sample spreadsheets and instructions on how to build and use Morphit documents.

Visit to download or read the introductory article.

"The spreadsheet is one of the most important productivity tools to emerge from the IT revolution but has undergone relatively little development until now", said Andrew Lemon, Managing Director at The Edge, "Morphit combines a familiar spreadsheet with new powerful methods of capturing and analysing data. Importantly it is an evolution rather than a revolution in design making it accessible to general spreadsheet users."





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