Press Release - Morphit 6.1 Release: Even more for DMPK Scientists

20 September 2018

Today The Edge made Morphit 6.1 available for download. This release addresses the needs of DMPK scientists conducting manual assays where samples need to be placed into appropriate positions on analytical or assays plate.

  • Manual plate assignment: Drag and drop samples in patterns on a plate
  • Injection list editor: Re-order samples, add blanks, replicate injections and prepare batch files for your mass spectrometer
  • Automate sample assignment: Record and replay patterns
  • General improvements: More data sources, improvements from customer feedback.

DMPK Scientist told us they need to have control to place samples anywhere on their analytical and assay plates.

BioRails is quick becoming the standard for DMPK scientists who need flexibility, control and efficiency.


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