Press Release - BioRails 5.5 Released

26 April 2018

The Edge announces the release of a new version of its ELN and data management platform BioRailsTM

The Edge specialise in delivering software for protecting intellectual property and supporting scientists to increase their productivity. “This release delivers a streamlined UX design of the BioRails platform, supporting faster roll-out, reduced cost of ownership and even faster return on investment. We have added several new clients based on the promise of this version, including both pharmaceutical companies and leading Contract Research Organisations. These companies selected BioRails because of its flexibility and focus on efficiency.”, said Dr Andrew Lemon, Managing Director of The Edge.

About The Edge Software Consultancy

The Edge is scientific software company offering solutions across all aspects of drug discovery information management. Its consultants are seasoned professionals offering the benefit of extensive real-world experience in drug discovery. The Edge offers a range of services including business process analysis, project management, requirements preparation, technical specification, implementation and testing. The consultancy is also known for its independent integration services and guidance on software selection and interoperability. Its unique approach identifies bottlenecks, concentrating on the goals of your scientists; targeting recovery of a day a week of your scientists’ time and to reduce the frustration that accompanies so many software users experience.


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