Press Release - Indian CRO Sai Life optimize in vivo PK processes with BioRails

10 April 2017

Sai Life, a contract research organization based on Pune in India use BioRails DM to provide DMPK studies to aid investigations beginning from lead optimization to drug candidate selection.

Initial focus has been on supporting in vivo PK studies using BioRails:

  • Study Design registration
  • Customer study request submission and tracking
  • Plate preparation and sampling
  • Bioanalysis
  • PK Elaboration
  • Study Reporting


"This is a great example of how BioRails can support complex Biological study workflows and make sure processes are repeatable and robust", said Andrew Lemon, CEO of The Edge, "This project ensures that information transfers smoothly from business development, to scientific leadership, down to individual scientists in the laboratory allowing quality consistent study reports to be generated in one system."


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