News - Morphit 5.0: Faster more scalable with new reporting

16 February 2017

 Morphit & BioRails Tools 5.0 is now available for download.

Morphit is a powerful application for creating data capture and analysis binders. These are extremely flexible and can be applied to a wide range of business problems both within the pharmaceutical industry and general business environment. Morphit can be used to model many types of biological study from in vitro screening studies to in vivo pharmacology, including both data analysis and workflow. Complex studies involving lots of workflow steps, bring data together from all aspects of the study. Interpretation results can be tough so most pharmcologists will produce a report to help project teams to interpret and understand the implications of the study. These study reports typically can take days of time to produce and involve lots of copy and pasting leading to potential inconsistency and errors. Morphit 5.0 reporting engine allows users to generate standard reports at the click of a button saving days of effort.
  • Design standard reports using the report designer
  • Generate reports from live data in Morphit tables including:
    • Tables of data
    • Charts and Graphs
    • Graphics and images
    • Generate PDF or editable RFP format
  • Morphit 5.0 is now a 64 bit applicaiton
    • Scales to larger documents and allows it to use more memory
    • Some operations are now even faster

Reporting in Morphit 5.0

The release includes an installation pack and release notes containing installation instructions.
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