Press Release - Optibrium hosts Zoetis discussing BioRails integration with StarDrop

28 June 2016


 Being spun out of a large pharmaceutical company and losing access to a full suite of software applications to support drug discovery, Zoetis has had to build its infrastructure from scratch. A monumental task, but also a once in a lifetime opportunity to change how things are done.

In this webinar Ashley Fenwick of Zoetis gave a fascinating overview of a project completed prior to the separation, targeting a potent β2 agonist as a growth promotor for cattle. He reviewed the new suite of applications Zoetis have in place, and painted an encouraging picture of the future.

One of the key challenges in the development of this new information architecture was ensuring that project leaders and decision makers have access to the latest and most relevant data for their projects. Ashley described the results of a collaborative effort between Zoetis, The Edge and Optibrium to develop an infrastructure for capturing the biological results and design tools for leveraging the information to make better decisions. This is seamlessly linked BioRails with StarDrop™, allowing them to use live project data to guide effective decisions in the selection and design of high quality compounds.


Optibrium Webinar

Ashley Fenwick from Zoetis


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