Event - Webinar 6: Data analytics for DMPK/ADME II

17 November 2015

One of the ongoing challenges in drug discovery is to develop therapeutics with a good pharmacological profile as well as strong pharmacokinetic properties. To this end, over the last 15 years or more a number of in vitro and in vivo assays have been developed to evaluate the early stage drug bioavailability, pharmacokinetics and safety.


Providing data analytics for these assays can be a challenge, due to the range of conditions and variability of instrument data in this space. The Edge, www.edge-ka.com, has created a standardized collection of ADME/ DMPK protocols and templates which are ready to use. These have been tried and tested in real world laboratories at as number of pharmaceutical and contract research organizations. The advantages of a standardized approach are reduced service costs, easier training, and faster implementation time in ADME and DMPK laboratories. Learn how to analyze and review data from the following assays:

  • Plasma Binding
  • Brain Binding
  • Caco2 Permeability
  • Microsomal Stability
  • Hepatocyte Stability
  • CyP450 Interaction

The same software can be used for preclinical animal studies and many other types of scientific investigation. It is available as part of the BioRails platform or in conjunction with the Biovia ELN.

Please join us for the webinar presentation and discussion by registering via the following links. We look forward to you joining us at one of the time slots most convenient for you.

Please see the recording, best viewed in 1080 HD.



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