Event - Webinar 5: BioRails ELN

29 October 2015

BioRails an Electronic Laboratory Notebook that protects and preserves the value of biological studies

Biology is too general a term for all the variety of disciplines involved in the scientific discovery of new medicines and therapies within most pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies. It covers everything from target validation, activity screening to DMPK, ADME and in vivo pharmacology. It ranges from procedure driven tasks to more research focused experiments. The Edge’s BioRails is designed to adapt to the needs of all these discipline whilst capturing and protecting the value of their research. Based upon an elegant and simple model of request and fulfillment, the BioRails ELN allows scientists to capture all the important elements of their work, individually, or as teams, across disparate geographical centers, or in conjunctions with partners, CROs and academics.

The BioRails ELN is the first ELN to span the entire pre-clinical space, from Genomics to lead discovery, validation and safety and to be able to track sample genealogy regardless of the transformative process of discovery. From small molecule, to DNA, RNA, protein or Antibody, the BioRails ELN can flexibly manage the workflow while maintaining the context and interrelatedness of the actual samples or specimens tested.

Please join us on Oct 29th; we look forward to introduce the BioRails ELN and discussing specific applications.  Please note the two time slots and pick the one most convenient to you. 

Please see the recording, best viewed in 1080 HD.


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