Event - Webinar 4: Assay requesting and workflow for any biology

17 September 2015

Drug Discovery is not about exclusively developing chemical therapeutics, but now, even more so, about developing the best treatment for a specific disease condition. Whether it be siRNA to silence specific gene expression or antibodies to block specific protein- protein interactions, peptides to mimic natural biological regulators, small molecules to target specific binding domains or even combinations of each (Antibody Drug conjugates or ADCs as an example), the gamut of possible treatment therapeutics and mechanisms is wider today than ever before. 

The somewhat historical challenge is that each type of therapeutic often has different structural and assay information in different repositories with little means to follow the transitional data flow, from gene to peptide to antibody, small molecule or conjugate to IND and on to formulation. BioRails is uniquely suited to managing this data disparency, bridging different data sources through its request and fulfillment model. It intuitively captures the step wise workflow of scientists and the connections between samples and assay data, together with the decisions made based upon each. 

Please join us September 17th for an overview of The Edge BioRails platform for assay requesting and management. BioRails is used worldwide by major corporations as well as Biotechs and CROs to manage disparate workflows across different sites and with outside partners and CROs for all types for sample management as well as assay management from siRNA, antibody and small molecule, in vitro and in vivo DMPK, ADME, early stage pharmacology and analytical workflow as well as xenograft studies. 

Please see the recording, best viewed in 1080 HD.




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