Event - Webinar 2: Data Analytics for In vivo pharmacology and pharmacokinetics

14 July 2015

 Early stage in vivo pharmacology, or often the first time in animal, is a critical stage in transitioning a potential therapeutic from R&D to the clinic. Not only is how a drug performs in animal models important to understanding potential efficacy and safety, it is also critical to diagnosing any potential absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion problems before advancing into human. Even though many ADME parameter assays can be done in vitro, in vivo testing is still crucial to building an in vivo efficacy and safety profile.

The Edge’s BioRails platform has been developed to manage the workflow and data capture challenges of early stage in vivo pharmacology. From study design to execution and reporting, the BioRails platform, http://www.edge-ka.com/products/biorails/biorailseln can be implemented as a full scale biological ELN, or used to supplement an existing ELN or enterprise informatics system to manage animal studies.

On July 14th, The Edge will conduct a webinar illustrating how BioRails can be used for in vivo PK and Xenograft study management. Key Features are:

  • All in one place- BioRails ELN supports structured data capture along with storage of processing and documentation templates together with all the materials related to research activity, from raw data to finalized report. This provides a centralized archive of all information.
  • Study Design and Execution- BioRails PTO, DM and Morphit support the full study workflow from study request through design, execution and reporting.
  • Collaboration- the BioRails ELN facilitates collaboration between outsourced partners, projects, departments and disciplines improving communication and efficiency
  • Knowledge-record observations and conclusions linked to results facilitating data analysis and centralization of knowledge.
  • Protect intellectual property- generate defensible documentation with electronic signatures, and witnessing workflow. Create an application independent IP store directly from witnessed and signed PDF documents created and stored in BioRails. Simplify IP protection procedures and avoid vendor dependencies.
  • Compliance-enforce workflow and audit changes essential parts of your 21 CFR part 11 compliance.

Please see the recording best viewed in 1080 HD


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